Is Your Service Honourable?


Is Your Service Honourable?

Honourable Service

Talent is too much idolized, and station too much coveted. There are too many who will do nothing unless they are recognized as leaders; too many who must receive praise, or they have no interest to labor. What we need to learn is faithfulness in making the utmost use of the powers and opportunities we have, and contentment in the lot to which Heaven assigns us.” Ellen G.White


Evaluate Your Motives For Serving.

Service rendered with wrong motives is service rendered in vain. While the questions below are not exhaustive, they may provide a fair basis for introspection and evaluation of one’s motives for serving.

  1. Do you stop serving because you are not being applauded or appreciated?
  2. Would you continue serving even if no one was watching or praising you?
  3. Would you serve even if there were no hearers of your good deeds?
  4. Is serving an opportunity for you to show off your gifts, skills, talent, resources?
  5. Are you serving yourself (to enhance your own brand) or serving others?
  6. Who is in your mind as you serve, the people you are serving or the eyes and ears in your vicinity?
  7. Do you serve so that God can see you and reward you with blessings?

What are the Right/Wrong Reasons for Serving?

  1. Our primary reason to serve is; it honours God when we serve others.
  2. Our motive for serving should not be because we want something from God. God can not be bribed by our good deeds.
  3. Even though by His grace, He promises rewards; these really should not be the focus and purpose of our service.
  4. Neither should our service be aimed at feeding our egocentric ambitions.

How can you make your Service Honourable?

Honourable service is one which is treasured by others yet it was not given for the purpose of receiving that honour.

It is a sobering thought to remember that when we serve; it is not about self but about others. May our service be honourable as we serve for the right reasons. In so doing, we honour God and God honours our service.

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