Thou Shall Not Murder Service. Let Service Live!

happy teamA Team that Celebrates Together, Serves Together

“Hip Hip Hooray!” These are words often shouted with a merry heart. I am yet to meet a person who does not find joy in celebrating an achievement. Many a time, the achievements we make are not the product of our own effort. When a sales target has been achieved, when customers keep coming back for repeat business, when customers become loyal and bring referral business your way, when you get promoted because of service excellence etc; how often do you stop to acknowledge those that helped you to be where you are? True Servanthood Leaders know that they owe their success to every team member. Acknowledging their efforts helps to build a strong service driven team.

 One of the greatest enemies to Service Excellence is a divided team.

Small Rivers Make Big Rivers

“The wide, deep river, that offers a highway for the traffic and travel of nations, is valued as a world-wide benefit; but what of the little rills that help to form this noble stream? Were it not for them, the river would disappear. Upon them its very existence depends. So men called to lead in some great work are honored as if its success were due to them alone; but that success required the faithful co-operation of humbler workers almost without number—workers of whom the world knows nothing. Tasks uncommended, labor without recognition, is the lot of most of the world’s toilers. And in such a lot many are filled with discontent. They feel that life is wasted. But the little rill that makes its noiseless way through grove and meadow, bearing health and fertility and beauty, is as useful in its way as the broad river. And in contributing to the river’s life, it helps achieve that which alone it could never have accomplished.” Ellen White.

 Don’t Kill Service Through Selfishness.

While true servants should not be seeking recognition in order to serve, it edifies a team when their efforts are acknowledged. Attributing a team effort to self is the pathway to a destructive service culture. Acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of individuals and teams in building a service excellence culture and LET SERVICE LIVE!

Can you think of other enemies of service excellence that “murder” service. Let’s share them in the comments section, that we may avoid falling in their pits.


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