About  Called Serve.

Called to Serve is a network for people with a desire to serve God and mankind by promoting service excellence in the home/family, church, community and workplace(customer service).

Called to Serve has a desire for people to grow spiritually and know that Service is one of God’s purpose for mankind. When you serve others well, you fulfill God’s commandment of loving thy neighbour as yourself. When we give poor service to others we are literally sinning because we have done unto others something we don’t like done unto us.

God’s call for us to serve Him and others was not presented to us as a suggestion but a commandment and yet a priviledge. Join our network and let the mind that was in Christ be in you also (Philippians 2v5).

Remember “You can serve without love but you can not love without serving”.


Use your Talents and Spiritual Gifts to Serve

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