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Welcome to Called Serve Ambassadors.

Helping hand

Statement of Purpose

“Called to Serve Ambassadors” is an apolitical, interdenominational and non-profit making network of volunteers who desire to use their God given talents and Spiritual gifts to serve God and mankind.



To be the greatest servants and inspiration for service in Zimbabwe.


To professionally and spiritually develop people to use their God given talents and Spiritual gifts to serve others in their home, church, community and workplace.


  1. God driven-To put God at the centre and fore-front of all our activities
  2. Servanthood-To put God and man before ourselves
  3. Excellence– What ever we do, we do it with excellence
  4. Inspiration-Inspire others to serve through our positive service attitudes
  5. Character– To let the mind and character of Christ be seen in us as we share the message of Christ. We exercise temperance in speech, dressing and conduct.

Focus Areas

  • Sharing and spreading the service gospel starting with our families,
  • Performing acts of charity in the community,
  • Sreading God’s contagious love through our service attitudes,
  • Promoting service excellence and inspiring others to do the same,
  • Fund raise for a specific cause or project,
  • Being centres of influence for positive attitudes in the workplace,church, home and community.

Places of Influence

  • Home
  • Church
  • Community
  • Workplace

Benefits of being an Ambassador

  1. Grow spiritually through Bible Studies including the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation focusing on their relevance in these end times.
  2. Network with like minded people; iron sharpens iron.
  3. Personal development through free and subsidised training sessions in Customer Service, Personal Branding and Public Speaking among others.
  4. Enhance your CV by sharpening your service skills and presenting yourself as a service advocate to any prospective employer.
  5. Fulfill your God-given purpose by using your talents and gifts to God’s glory.
  6. Receive free training on workplace evangelism and participate in workplace evangelism programmes.
  7. Have fun participating in Evangelistic Talk Shows.
  8. Opportunity to expand the network through chapters- you can head your own chapter.
  9. Discover and grow your talents and Spritual gifts.
  10. Self motivation- as you help others, you feel good about yourself, thereby increasing your happiness index.

Membership Fees

There are no joining fees or subscription fees. The Called To Serve Ambassadors network does not exist to make money. The network seeks people with a servanthood spirit. If we do not have money to give, we give what we have. At times the best gifts in life (e.g time, companionship, smile) do not cost money.Money should not hinder people from fulfilling their God-given purpose.

However, there are times when money may be necessary to undertake a particular project. Members are free to give an offering of any amount towards a particular cause or project. Fund raising activities and sponsorships will also be considered depending on the scope of the project.

Join the Ambassadors

Why not join a team of people who are willing to make a difference in their generation by being the change they want to see. The best photo in the world is no use if it remains in someone’s camera. Take action today and join our circle of influence and influence positive behaviours.


I look forward to welcoming you.

Patience Phiri Gukushu
Founder and President

Would you like to become an Ambassador today, It’s FREE! Enter your details below;


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